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11th day:
Villafranca – Montes de Oca – Cordenuela Riopico 24.48 km

This part of the road has three interesting parts. The first one starts with the ascent right after leaving the albergue, it is not too difficult, but you have to be careful after dark. And that whole part is in the forest, which continues even after the climb is over. The road is very wide precisely because of the forest – a fire road. After that, another climb on stony ground and on the left side a restricted area (military area) which ends at the top of the hill with a big cross on the way.
After that we descend a little to Cordenuel Riopico.
The third part – huge bales of straw – I went to count one such pile: 6000 bales of straw. 🙂


12th day:
Cordenuela Riopico – Tardajos 24.44 km

Leaving Cordenuel Riopico in the dark, I chose the section below the Burgoro airport to avoid the industrial zone. The problem arose when I realized that there were no signposts for the camino anywhere… I made a whole circle around the park (10km). In Burgor, I was more looking for a pharmacy (entered at 7) than looking around. I got some medicine in the end, and since you can’t get an antibiotic without a prescription in Spain, I knew it wouldn’t be enough. When I finally arrived in Tardajos, I had done 41km. The path is not difficult – mostly flat, but I didn’t feel right anymore.


13th day:
Tardajos – Hontanas 20.52 km

I woke up in the morning – I’m thinking, I’ll do this section and then I’ll see how I’ll be. I hope for the best.
Walking – flat – is not difficult. But my brain processes information about my well-being more than looking at the nature around me.
I arrived at Hontanas already around 11:00 am – the Albergue hasn’t even started accepting yet. I rest all day. After dinner … it was already 11:30 p.m. when I decided to stop hiking for this year. Health comes first.


14th day:
Hontanas – Castrojeriz 8.97 km

Departure at dawn towards Castrojeriz.
At 10 am I have a bus to Burgos..



Shots of Burgos – most from the Cathedral 🙂

It has been 20 days since I returned home.
Had medical tests… visited a specialist… now everything is fine with my health.
I plan to continue the journey in April 2023.

As my friend says: the Camino never ends!

Buon camino.




I counted how many 360° photos were used in these virtual walks: 328 photos.