Camino de Santiago in 360°


Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port – Roncesvalles – 25.20 km

The beginning of the journey in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port,
It was late afternoon when I arrived so I decided to spend the night at “La Coquille Napoléon”.
The next day start with a hike – finish – Roncesvalles.
Cloudy weather with heavy rain clouds, ideal for walking. It was not difficult to climb to the top of 1440m, the only thing missing was the view from the Pyrenees – the fog and the fog itself. After 25km – Roncesvalles and Albergue de Peregrinos 🙂 Dinner at La Posada de Roncesvalles – excellent.
Sleeping and preparing for the next day…


2nd day:
Roncesvalles  – Zubiri – 21.34 km


Left Roncesvalles in the dark early in the morning. After an hour and 5 km, the sun came out…
The cows are already grazing … and I could use a morning coffee.
I walk … through the forest, open space. Most trees block the view.


3nd day:
Zubiri – Cizur Menor – 25.00 km

The decision was to avoid sleeping in larger cities, it is quieter in smaller villages. So instead of ending today’s trip in Pamplona – I went a little further – to Cizur Major – a full hit.
In the last few kilometers, the temperature rose to 33°C, so walking was a little slower 🙂


4th day:
Cizur Menor – Maneru – 24.11 km

The weather forecast was – high temperatures, so to avoid the worst I started earlier – while Cizur Menor was still sleeping. It was the right decision, the 700 m climb to Mirador Alto de El Perdón was no problem. The path rises a little. After Puente la Reina everything is flat … except for the last 2-3 km. A climb that has no shadow to hide from the sun. Overnight in Manero at albergue El Cantero – excellent.


5th day:
Maneru – Villamayor de Monjardin- 26.01 km

Easy walk 🙂

I didn’t stay long in Estella.

I allocated more time for the fountain with wine and the monastery next to it.