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We create - We do not product

We create because We love to

Everything we do is driven by inspiration and wood that determines what we can do.

Will it be a kitchen table, dining table, low living room table, wooden lamps, wall art installation…
What additional materials will be used, such as epoxy polymers, glass, aluminum, stainless steel, led lighting…

If you want a unique item for your home – we will make it

Describe your wish in a prepared form and we will suggest / make something unique.

Or select something from the gallery. Normally the item will not be the same because we do each item separately by hand and there are no 2 identical ones. The choice of wood is up to you – you can choose black walnut, cherry, walnut, oak and raspberry (very limited)

* All products from the photos were sold.If you want something similar – feel free to contact us.

From the exhibition in Bale 2020